Terms and Conditions

Godfrey street motors T/A Dovedale
Fleet Logistics terms & Conditions.

The following terms & conditions
will apply to all vehicle movements unless otherwise stated at the time of


Every vehicle Dovedale fleet moves is covered on Dovedale fleets insurance, The vehicle is classed as being in Dovedales Possession from when the signature is added at the collection point to when the signature is added at the delivery point.

A copy of Dovedales insurance is
available on request.


All vehicles moved by Dovedale Fleet
are subject to a movement report, this includes a full exterior & interior
damage report, mileage & fuel levels on collection & delivery.

This also includes a safety check
which determines if the vehicle is legal to drive (if this fails please see
cancellation/aborted movements).

Dovedale fleet will not be liable for
any damage which is marked on the report at the collection point.

Dovedale will be liable for any damage
which is found at the delivery point which is not marked on the Proof of
collection, except for the following.

  • Glass
    damage from Road Debris
  • Punctures
  • Stone
    chips on Bumpers

This is due to incidents of this
nature are not deemed as driver error.

When it is agreed Dovedale Fleet is responsible we will pay for repair costs as long as they are accompanied by an independent estimate & invoice.


Jobs must be cancelled before 15.00
the day before a vehicle movement any cancellations after this time will be
charged at the job cost.

For jobs which have required a
flight/ferry/hotel cancelled after 15.00 the cost of these will also be charged
in addition to the job price.

For jobs aborted on the day of the
movement or if the driver has arrived at collection point & the vehicle is
not roadworthy or unavailable the full cost of the job will be charged plus
taxi/train expenses from the nearest railway station to the collection point to
the nearest railway station to the delivery point.

Waiting time

Dovedale drivers are allocated 30
minutes collection time at a dealership/auction/private address, any additional
time waiting will be charge at £7.50 + vat per half an hour.


In the event of the breakdown, it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange roadside assistance/recovery, waiting time will be charged at normal rates for every additional 30 minutes the driver is with the vehicle.

Dovedale fleet has RAC cover which can
be used however if needed this will be charged at cost (depending on
requirement) + 10% admin fee + VAT

If you would like to cover against
Breakdown charges Dovedale can charge £2 per job which will be added at invoice
(if you want to add this please inform us), this only includes minor roadside
assistance & being relayed to the customers desired location.


Fuel/Oil will be added to make the
booked journey unless otherwise stated, therefore if we collect a vehicle with
half a tank of fuel & this is sufficient to complete the journey no fuel
will be added.

Fuel/Oil will be charged at cost with
the invoice to the job with relevant receipts.


Payment for invoices is a strict 30
days after vehicle movement completion.